Falling For The Bad Boy

Falling For The Bad Boy

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Katie Webster has to move away with her mom because her mom and dad have a bad relationship. She becomes really good friends with a girl named Lexi. Lex has a brother. The only bad thing about that is that her brother isn't too great.

He is know for partying, drinking, and girls. He also gets into trouble and fights. Katie can't help but fall for him because of his looks and she even sees good in him. He is a jerk to her at first. So, she moves on to another guy...Shawn.

Even when dating Shawn, she can't help but want the bad boy, Jacob.

This book involves serious problems: suicide thoughts, drunk driving, abuse

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  • highschool
  • love
  • teen
MELISSA AND JOEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry I just died from being a fangirl
KatieHogg03 KatieHogg03 May 14, 2017
When i was reading the description i knew i had to read this book...my name is katie :p :)
ABCOOPER95 ABCOOPER95 Apr 19, 2017
It's a free country, I'll stare at whoever whenever I want✋🏼
KristieWebster KristieWebster Mar 01, 2017
When I saw the desciption of this book I freaked because my sisters name is Katie Webster and she has a girl in her grade she used to be goo friends with name Lexi and a guy who likes her named Shawn... FREAKY OMG
PATRICKSTAR12345 PATRICKSTAR12345 Jul 03, 2016
I like your book so far. Would you mind reading mine. I think it's ok but it still needs some work