The Final Song

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Jadelinn By JadedRein Completed
Jeffery Paston is a man ruled by obsession; once he finds himself infatuated with something he will use any twisted method possible to fulfill his desires. There is no such thing as going ‘too far’ for a desperate man.
It is twisted.. but amazingly written.. There was a moment I thought      
                                    I actually understood what he thought.. 
                                    great job :)
This is sick and disturbing--Yet very well written. I almost feel guilty for liking your writing. But as a writer---it's something I can appreciate.
awww!!!  forgive me but this a most awful story...not worthy of a good author... but I suppose it had to be told
Is the 6pages the story or will there be more? :) by the way the story is amazing!
Whoa....that was creepy...but we'll written.. You got really into character and it made me feel like it was actually happening.
@musicluvr ha sorry taught me to not trust old guys that look remotely crazy ha