The Praesuls: The Devil Hounds

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Dee By writing_dreamer Updated a year ago
Elizabeth Knowles is scared of nothing except a wolf that haunted her for three years. After the odd event in the very quiet town in Canada, the wolves vanished. Three years have passed and the wolves are back to finish what they started. One wolf wants her head on a platter while the others are kept in the shadows. Unwanted visitors are tagging along as they come back to the little town of Springfield. Liz's world will explode in front of her eyes opening up as she discovers secrets amongst her old and new friends, her friend's family, and complexities within herself. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and she will face every consequence of hers.
You describe things so beautifully! It creates such a vivid mental image
Seriously, I can picture the surroundings in my head while I'm reading the first paragraphs. And i love the phrase "Little piece of heaven", reminds me of a fave song <3 Voted!
Wow great story! Love the plot and how you describe everything! My favourite animal are wolves! Best mammal there is! <3 Voted!
I love werewolf. Like, no joke, it's an amazing genre! I write some werewolf myself, so I really like reading other peoples creations as well! Liked the description and the intensity! My kinda story!
I love how descriptive you are. I can literally feel their surroundings, like a beautiful painting. I cant wait till add more I'm looking forward to it.
Hey.... I noticed we have the same pic. I just started writin and stuff ... read my story and vote :D my story is called Werewolfs vs. the special