Itachi's Little Sister?!

Itachi's Little Sister?!

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HearingVoices By HearingVoices Updated Oct 20, 2013

Chapter one: Introduction.

"Come on mum." i whined, crossing my arms that were covered by my very own made akatsuki cloak. 

"One minute Lauren, I need my keys." Came my mother's reply and i sighed, pinching my nose.

I was alreayd late for meeting up with my friends to go in line for comic con and i was no doubt wasing time for the others to line up. I cursed as i felt my phone vibrate in my shoe and quickly leaned downwards to collect it.

I swiped my finger across the screen and answered the call, "Amy, shut up. I'll be there soon, just...go in the line! i'll look for you when i get there." I sighed, tapping my foot on the ground as my mum came rushing down the stairs, her bag in hands.

"Go! go! go! gooo~!" Sh chanted, pushing me towards the door.

I nodded, pushing the door open and lunging towards the car, throwing th door open and jumping in, slamming the door shut. My mother copied these actions and started the car, twisting the keys and pulling out of the garage.

I blew ...