The football jocks kidnapped me?

The football jocks kidnapped me?

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Soulsurfer600 By Soulsurfer600 Updated Jun 17, 2017

So I might possibly...maybe... have been kidnapped by five really hot football jocks...? Because I caught them doing drugs... (They think I'm a guy at the moment... )
So that might possibly cause some problems... 

My name is Madelyn , but my friends call me Maddie. At least they would if I had any friends. I am seventeen, tall, with long brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

I have some issues with accepting my body... Meaning I have
anorexia, bulimia, and sometimes self harm. I haven't cried since... Sorry, I don't like to talk about 'it'.      I never have been good with emotions. They are un-needed in my life, so what's the point? There isn't one.

Do me a favor and get me out of this hell hole full of boys!!!

  • anorexia
  • forced
  • hotboys
  • kidnapped
  • taken
kookiemoster3 kookiemoster3 Jul 23, 2017
I could never live there
                              I'm 16
                              Baby faced
                              My hair is blond and fluffy
                              I have curves
                              So if I wear a hoodie and try to be a man I'd look like a 7 year old child LMAO
raulzoeyroey raulzoeyroey Jul 26, 2017
Why does this basically sum up my life. Well not the abusive stuff. But yea me.
Poisonous_Cookie Poisonous_Cookie May 23, 2015
OMG, it does suck being tall.   Mostly because the guys where I live at are somewhat short