Bloodlust (M|M, COMPLETE)

Bloodlust (M|M, COMPLETE)

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Finnik has been alive a very very long time. A very very long time is a bit too long of a time to be a teenager, but unfortunately there wasn't much he could do about that. At least he had a three thousand year rest, but with all these stupid rumors and fights that have been going on while he was asleep maybe it would have been best if he had stayed awake. Not that he had much choice in the matter.

But who cares. He's awake now, isn't he? Besides as the original vampire he has a lot to get starting on in order to deal with all the pests that had popped up.

But then Finnik runs into Chase and Rirth two runaways from the coven known as the Blood Gang, and with the stories and information and companionship they offer Finnik has to change his plans just a little.  

After all Finnik never accounted for friendship and feelings in his original plans.

(Cover by @Aramyst87)

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