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Real love starts after Nikkah.....

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I was shocked. I can't believe this.

Finally, like finally he said that he loves me.

I was longing to hear these words from his mouth.

Oh my Allah...I can't stop my tears....

"I love you so much WIFEY, Pls don't leave me. I'm sorry, whatever I have done is completely wrong. Pls don't leave me. Pls..." said Hanan and started to cry kneeling in front of me.

Oh Allah....he's crying. I can't see him like this. But at the same time I can't forgive him so easily. How can he think about me like this. If it was some other day I would have been jumping like a maniac after hearing his confession, but now I don't even know what to say.

"I'm sorry Zaishu, pls don't leave me and go. Pls forgive me" he said hugging my waist tightly and crying in my warmth.

After crying his heart out, he looked at my face to see my reaction. But my face is devoid of any reaction. He got up and made me sit on the edge of the bed and he himself knelt in front of me once again.

"You won't leave your Hanan and go na?" He asked me keeping his head on my lap.

What will I do now? I love him a lot, but at the same time I can't forgive him so easily. Ya Allah pls help me.

While I was thinking all this, he started to doze off in my lap itself. With loads of difficulty I made him lay on the bed and looked at his face. He is looking so vulnerable. After hurting me to the extent, now he is asking for an apology. I need time. Yes I need time to think about all this. Switching off the table lamp, I carefully closed the door and moved out of the room.

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Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Mar 25, 2017
Sis I think here u need change 
                              Daughter of Roshanara* 
                              U know my first reaction reading about her was-
                              Good she is engaged lolz😂bcz she is 23years had the possibility with Hanan😜Alhamdulillah she is engaged I hope gets married also soon lol😆
thafheemazaroony thafheemazaroony May 14, 2017
Ohh woow!!!mashallah gud startingg!!!!!apologizing for being sooo late to start reading the story!!:'( will support  U olwyz !!!!go onn sizzz:)))
- - Feb 27, 2017
wow u got a nice list of characters here! cant wait to read it!! :D
- - Feb 27, 2017
i swear i read this prologue in the beginning and i was sooo into it i cant wait to read it!!!  XD
krazy_kiddo1234 krazy_kiddo1234 Dec 13, 2016
Hey !!read your work ...must say that it was amazing !!!looking forward for further updates!!I also started my work named"it all started with a bake" do check it out and let me know your thoughts ...stay blessed butterfly!!