Shakespeare Wrote my Life

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Pegacornorous By Pegacornorous Updated 4 years ago
William Shakespeare's well-known play, Romeo and Juliet is absolutely compelling and dangerous which changes the lives of frenemies, Julia and Romo. What if Shakespeare wrote that play based on the lives of two real star-crossed lovers? But in the midst of all the craziness Shakespeare might've messed up one major detail. Did Romeo and Juliet really sacrifice their lives for each other or was that just a cover up so no one would really know what happened to the love birds. As Julia and Romo go on an adventure to unravel secrets and reignite feuds, maybe what the wise men say is true what happened in the past must stay in the past.
Hey! Sorry I couldn't get to your story quick enough. I sort of fell asleep after awhile....ANYWAY! Great story I love it! It's really interesting you should keep writing! :DDDD
i think you should of expand it more like what year and what was happening but other than that good :)
This was a little short but it was interesting.I hope you expand on it more as you go one. Didn't get much background. Still your writing is good and there weren't any errors. I shall vote and review the next chapter.
You know this is in the old days because he only asked for a kiss, lol anyway this sounds really interesting.
The is probably one of the most original stories I've read so far. I don't see why this type of plot isn't popular. I never ever though of writing a story about what may have really happened to Romeo and Juliet! This is wonderful so far! I will deff add it to my library. (:
Love it! It's one of a kind. You've got a really good attention grabber. I really like how it was in William Shakespeare's POV before he began Romeo & Juliet. Can't wait to continue on reading! Going to vote (: