Tristan: Mine, all Mine Book 2(Mature 18+)

Tristan: Mine, all Mine Book 2(Mature 18+)

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Wildflower517 By UntameableBeauty Updated Mar 25

How it all began...

She was his from the moment she laid eyes on him...

At 10:45pm, he was summoning her to his VIP room. At midnight, he was bringing her to orgasm with his hands on her breasts. By 1:30am, she was lying on her back in his hotel room, selflessly giving him her virginity.

Tristan Knight is distractedly gorgeous, irresistibly seductive, enviably talented, and an amazing lover. He also happens to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. He could have any woman in the world but there is only one that he wants: Serenity. 

Before Tristan, Serenity Harris' days mainly consisted of trying to keep her heroin-addicted mother away from her abusive boyfriend and off the streets. Her mother's habit is sucking their household dry and finding a way to keep food in the house and the lights on is wearing Serenity down. Most days she finds it impossible to keep a smile on her face and hope in her heart. Then she meets Tristan and everything changes. He is like a breath of clean fresh air in her world full of darkness, hopelessness and uncertainty. 

From first glance, the chemistry between Tristan and Serenity is immediate and explosive. His fame and worldwide travel is a challenge for their budding relationship, not to mention the drama her best friend Kara and Serenity's addicted mother throws into the fray, but it's impossible for she and Tristan to stay away from one another. 

But budding love, endless lust, and long-winded euphoria doesn't always equal happily ever after. Tristan has a reputation. And it's not going away just because he happens to fall in love.

Tristan is book two in the series and is not a stand-alone novel. It can be read before Mine, all Mine but in order to grasp the full story and history of Serenity and Tristan's challenging relationship, the author suggests reading Book I (Mine, all Mine) first. There are four books in the series.

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