Mate's with my Bestfriends, Boyfriend's Beta.

Mate's with my Bestfriends, Boyfriend's Beta.

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dontfallasleep3 By dontfallasleep3 Updated Jan 06, 2013

'jealously will get you no-where'- some wise person once said, most likely a jealous person said this just to sound intelligent but anyway. 

I'm jealous of my bestfriend, she's found her mate, i haven't. 

My friend with benefits just found his mate and I havent. 

My baby sister will probably find her mate before me! 

Yes my life consists off constant worry for not having a mate. 

and when he finally decides to show up, he's not exactly the person i've been imagining.

Plofka0166 Plofka0166 Jan 03
I didn't know you were throwing yourself a pity party. Can I join?
Cambrave17 Cambrave17 Jul 14, 2015
your right i do i wonder who she'll be its such a mystery (note sarcasm)
Cambrave17 Cambrave17 Jul 14, 2015
oh i was so confused at first i thought her mate was her best friends boyfriend and he was the beta 
                              oops silly me
im0nlyh3r3forMUSIC im0nlyh3r3forMUSIC Jul 06, 2014
our field day isnt even fun you run the track for 30min then do push ups and shizzle
JINXKARMA1915 JINXKARMA1915 Nov 04, 2013
Lol at "he plays with girls like COD - non stop" couldnt stop laughing.
kiblotemtai kiblotemtai Oct 29, 2012
This is really good . Way way better than anything i write ( trust me thats a complimant)