The Fallen and Forgotten

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Finley By finley777 Updated 4 years ago
Aldines a small town no one thought any good would come from.  They were wrong though.  When their world is condemned to darkness and needs the help it most desires will the three fallen children rise to the calling or desert their ways and let greed over take them with the power it has to offer.
Wow I love the plot and your writing is very interesting. I laughed at some parts and it just drew me in! Very nice!
Its good! Maybe grammar here and there but no ones perfect! :D
i like it, it's funny and wel written XD i will read more later on
im sorry but this dosnt captivate me, it might not be for all readers sorry!
                                    it did to start with but i lost intersest...
this a really well written chapter and i really liked it. it flows well and catches the reader straight away, nice!