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Scarred, Not Broken

Scarred, Not Broken

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Demz5luv By Demz5luv Completed

What everybody else saw, so did Valerie. They pitied her for the scar on her face. But she refused to pity herself. She believed in her strength, in who she was. She stood strong against all the nasty games that time had played with her. She didn't drown in self-pity or indulge ins sorrow. If she couldn't be the happiest person on the planet, she chose not to be the saddest. But when time takes another cruel turn, her decisions waver and her choices are strained. 
Under that scarred face, rests a girl of great strength who is not afraid of staring death in its face.

RestlessDaydreamer RestlessDaydreamer Feb 21, 2013
the words to this are beautiful... I felt ever word, I could feel her words, This is amazing.
vLaineLlodavi vLaineLlodavi Feb 02, 2013
I have the same name. I also have a scar on my face but its from a bite from my dog. Hehe. Excited to read this. ~~ ^^
oldwolf81 oldwolf81 Oct 06, 2012
I believe authors write a lot of themselves into their stories.
                              You probably don't realize how much you reveal about yourself!
shay90 shay90 Mar 31, 2012
i really like this prologue. its extremely insightful and i like how we know exactly how the character is feeling and how we're already beginning to understand how she thinks
JustOnEmOrEgRl JustOnEmOrEgRl Feb 13, 2012
One word: Intense. I like how you describe her feelings with such detail. And you used your title in your prologue--that is cool. I'm never able to do that in my entire stories. Anywhos, one wrote "foe" and I believe you meant "for" in the second paragraph. On to the next chapter!
lydiad55 lydiad55 Feb 13, 2012
I love how you use the title in you prologue - it's really powerful and intruiging. It's an amazing start! ;D