TAP Web Mystery #1: Closing In On The Cash

TAP Web Mystery #1: Closing In On The Cash

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The Amanda Project By theamandaproject Updated Mar 15, 2011

Help Us Write Amanda’s Story!

We set up www.theamandaproject.com to find other people who knew Amanda so that we can all discover more about who she was, why she disappeared, and together write the mystery of her life. Now, we need YOUR help here at Wattpad! 

In addition to Callie’s chronicle of what happened (Book One, written by the incredible Melissa Kantor), there are a million stories about Amanda waiting to be told. We’re going to be posting some developing mysteries here, looking for anything and everything you can add. 

The first mystery is the mystery of how Amanda came up with $2500 to give to Callie. What do YOU think? Leave comments with your thoughts below!

Haven’t starting reading Book One yet? Start now!

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Emyleelee Emyleelee Jul 30, 2011
wow this is kinda like the 39 clues (the 39 clues is a book and there's also a website about it and stuff just like this book (TheAmandaProject) Wow this is amazing
ValeriaAaron ValeriaAaron Jun 23, 2011
@Ocean101 You know she made the books right? It is her! I agree with@HelloKitty8I8, you aren't making any sense in some parts of your thing, namely the first part. Could you rephrase that please? 
                              I am not trying to be mean, I am just helping you understand and also I want to know what you meant!
theamandaproject theamandaproject Jan 26, 2011
Your comments and suggestions are fantastic! We've continued the mystery with your help...read Part 2 now!
theamandaproject theamandaproject Jan 24, 2011
@keiyani @girn546 @alyxtiaz @ashlee411 Looks like scenario #2 is taking the lead. More soon...
theamandaproject theamandaproject Jan 19, 2011
@MandaFlame597 Hi also Amanda! We can't wait to hear what you think once you start reading...
theamandaproject theamandaproject Jan 19, 2011
@sparklydragon Thank you for being such an awesome explainer! We couldn't have said it better ourselves :)