Wolf's Colorful Territory

Wolf's Colorful Territory

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Formerly known: My Overprotective Werewolf Stepbrother's Best Friend Is My Mate

Nina has a stepbrother who have been keeping a secret from her, her whole family did. but when she changed schools and  met her stepbrother's best friend Lane, face to face and had a decent conversation with him. he suddenly turned protective like her brother but she knows she'll always do the right thing no matter how secretive or dark he can be. The nerdy girl is now trying to live by.

I know I know weird title choice but hey! I can't think of a title and well ahahahha just trying to see if I can write a very long title in the title box

*Looks at her weird* HA. HA. NO BITCH UNTIL YOUR 40.😒😠
SugaBae123 SugaBae123 Feb 14
I just came here to criticise the title choice but now that I know I can vomment, I think I'll actually read this.
skyiah skyiah Jul 22
One time my music appreciation class went on a field trip and I was eating crazy in front of my former boyfriend he said I was disgusting lol freak him🖕🏼😂
Two words... Capital letters.... I can put up with other grammatical errors but that just makes my eyes sad
-Spits drink everywhere, even though I don't have a drink- "30?! WHAT?!"
Please. A guy could be staring at me with a magnifying glass and glasses and a microscope and I would still eat.