Streetlight [Light TomTord]

Streetlight [Light TomTord]

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T'was late on a Thursday. Edd and Matt are fast asleep, and Tord is sitting on the curb with nothing but his thoughts, a gun in his hoodie, and a dim lamppost. 

It's almost midnight. It's almost morning.
And Tom hasn't been seen since three o' clock.

[What I mean by "light" is that it's not straight to the point shipping, it takes a little while to happen. | An AU of sorts where the events of The End haven't happened yet. Tord isn't sure whether or not he wants to carry through with his plan of world domination. | TW for alcohol use, drug mention, violence/blood, and swearing.]

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Stupid the hell do you think matt and edd would hear that???
Heyocake Heyocake Apr 01
I’m just laughing picturing Tom with just alcohol bottles taped to his hands and he is just swinging them around 
                              I’ll go home
ignoremenowplz ignoremenowplz Dec 18, 2017
I only understood like a bit I don't really know norsk that well
MysteriiX MysteriiX May 06
There are good smells and there are bad smells. And then there is Toms smell.
Goodness imagine Edd and Matt taking a video of them in the car and then suddenly saw what just haapend