Streetlight [Light TomTord]

Streetlight [Light TomTord]

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T'was late on a Thursday. Edd and Matt are fast asleep, and Tord is sitting on the curb with nothing but his thoughts, a gun in his hoodie, and a dim lamppost. 

It's almost midnight. It's almost morning.
And Tom hasn't been seen since three o' clock.

[What I mean by "light" is that it's not straight to the point shipping, it takes a little while to happen. | An AU of sorts where the events of The End haven't happened yet. Tord isn't sure whether or not he wants to carry through with his plan of world domination. | TW for alcohol use, drug mention, violence/blood, and swearing.]

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Sorry to say this but
                              AYEEEE YOU GOT THAT IPHONE LIFE 😎
ignoremenowplz ignoremenowplz Dec 18, 2017
I only understood like a bit I don't really know norsk that well
LittleBritishTom LittleBritishTom Jun 07, 2017
Tord's not a soulless ginger 
                              That's matt
                              Tord's hair is dirty blond/ light brown
HttpTinyTitties HttpTinyTitties Jun 14, 2017
this is something along the lines of 'wake up! let us inside!'