Baby, It's Me&You

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CaLLie By Heytherecal123 Updated 5 years ago
What happens when seemingly perfect lives become... unperfect? Remington, Clayton, Reed, and Lacey are the ultimate Golden Teenagers in America. Their famous parents are all bestfriends so the four have been gracing the covers of tabloids since they were born. But sometimes the unexpected happens...
    At 17, Remington Massey might just be the most beautiful girl that anyone has ever seen with her golden hair and violet eyes. But this breath-taking beauty doesnt let that go to her head. She's the most popular girl at Madison High School, and maybe America, Remy is lively, fun, caring, seductive, brilliant, and loved by everyone. The only problem is, the most loved girl in America doesnt believe in love but maybe the solution has been next door all along....
    Clayton Quincy is hollywood's Golden boy, voted Most Sexy in People Magazine, you'd never think this actor/musician has been pining after the same girl his whole life.  He's Madison High's star quarterback and this perfect gentleman has a lead role in millions of female fantasies. If only Remy would realize they were made for eachother.
    Reed Quincy's midnight black hair is the opposite of his twin brother, Clayton's, sandy blonde hair but he stars in just as many fantasies. He comes in second place on People's Most Sexy list but his dreams of being a director dont require him to be better looking than those in front of the camera (although he is). Beautiful Remington is his bestfriend and he might be the only male in the world that isnt interested in more than a platonic relationship with her. But this player wouldve never guessed that he might want a permanent leading lady.
    Lacey Marx is not quite as gorgeous as her cousin Remy, but with a mane of wild red hair and kiss me green eyes, she's pretty hard to resist. Lacey is an actress and she gives a whole new meaning to the word DRAMAQUEEN. The one boy that she's had a crush on her whole life is Clayton but hes in love with Remington... Who wouldve thought that
                                    P.S My name is Remy weird coincedience
this is a great start! not boring @ all and it has a bit of drama
This isn't a bad way to start the story. I don't know why more people hadn't voted.
This isn't a bad way to start the story. I don't know why more people hadn't voted.
okay i liked voted and commented cause this story is awesome and i mean it gaaaaaaaaaaa i cant wai to read more wich im gana do that right now