My Wicked Betrothed Husband

My Wicked Betrothed Husband

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Lina Stefanova By SorrowTerrace Updated Nov 12

"Get up or get the fuck out." He said again, ignoring my question.

"Answer me."

"Don't you dare fucking command me. That's my job." He exclaimed gripping my jaw harshly, his nails digging into my skin forcing me to stare at his dark gaze.

"You are no boss of me, I am a free woman, I'll say and do whatever the hell I want. Not you, not anyone can take away my rights." I hardly spoke from his harsh grip, spitting out the words.

"It would be fun breaking you." He mumbled devilishly.

"It would be fun watching you fail." I spat at him, my hands tugging at his arm to let go.

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mk_reads mk_reads Sep 21, 2017
Not bothered to read the book before cuz I'm on this like a drug.
solshii solshii Aug 29, 2017
I know I'm pretty late, but i just found this book and I absolutely love your writing style!! It's so unique and I find it so intriuging!!! Love your writing and the new book!!
Bennett1209 Bennett1209 Oct 15, 2017
I've not read my favorite mistakes maybe I should stop reading this and begin with your other books, what do you think?
IDunn0N0thing IDunn0N0thing Aug 31, 2017
Hello!  I am really loving your books so far! Great storyline. Ive actually wrote a book too and it's a bit of a humorous one. Do you mind checking it out and maybe promoting it?Just a request. And have a great day!
DA_FEELZ_101 DA_FEELZ_101 Sep 01, 2017
Says damn it New york as if it's not constantly cold in London either I should know I live in england
lil_angel435 lil_angel435 Jan 01, 2017
Already in love with the book (also how to pronounce her name like Elena or Elain??)