The Alters

The Alters

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Shortlisted for the Watty's 2017
Winner of the 2017 Heavenly Awards: General Fiction- 1st Place
Highest raking in General Fiction- #160


People, by definition, are complex creatures. Iya Simmons just happens to be more so.

Her goals were simple: to live a peaceful life alone, with decent income, and a stable job. But, words like "alone" and "stable" are not in Iya's vocabulary. Not when four other people live inside her, and insist on wreaking havoc in her life. 

Things could be fine, if she could just keep her illness a secret. But all it takes is one case of "wrong time, wrong place," to blow that plan clear out of the water.

If only she hadn't met Warren Reeves.

I love this already and the casual way you just brought up the alters was perfection. 
                              That drawing is awesome! I can barely draw a stick man.
Soft_Words Soft_Words Mar 08