Lethal Liaisons(on Hold)

Lethal Liaisons(on Hold)

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Kaitlyn Winters By TreasonGirl Updated May 07, 2017

Love At War!

Syria had triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. With thousands of lives lost while few as yet taking a stab at their survival, the Canadian government took a step forward by rescuing people from Syria and Iraq. 

The military, navy, airforce and best restorative help sent down to secure the privileges of humanity in the worst conditions. Zara Jenkins, a surgical chief nurse, was caught in this crossfire of militants and army as a volunteer in the combat. She saw the most sickening part that humanity had to offer and that was murdering the unborn children while they were still in the mother's womb.

Trying and battling for her own survival with a dreadful fear in heart for her life she does everything to serve the people of Syria. Until she meets the lieutenant commander - Sean M Butler. Jr. posted in the same camp of a war zone as Zara.

Their unusual and bloody encounter soon transformed into beautiful kinship. However, being stuck in an under the doomed circumstances where the situations tested to the limit as the extraordinary love story of these two people unfolds, taking an astonishing turn....

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