The Vampire and the Painter

The Vampire and the Painter

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Julia :3 By sanstastic111 Updated Jun 30, 2017

Encre (Ink) is a French painter. He only speaks French, buuut since I have barely any fluency in French and only know like, two words, I will be using English (except for a couple of phrases. Ill put translations based on google translate ). He is in love with Fallacy (Error), and loves Jasper (PaperJam) and treats him as his own child.

Fallacy (Error) is a vampire. He lives in a castle with his son Jasper and his servant Suave. He is madly in love with Encre and always wants attention from him, and is jealous of his son Jasper because he gets all of the attention from him.

Jasper (PaperJam) is a vampire aswell. He lives with his father and Suave. He is in love with Suave, and is overprotective of him. 

Suave (Fresh) is the servant of Fallacy and Jasper. 

This AU is called VampireVerse, and can be found on blogthegreatrouge's tumblr! Check out her amazing art!

Also, check out (this is all tumblr):

Comyet: The creator of Ink
Loverofpiggies (The crayon queen): Creator of Fresh and Error
7goodangel: The creator of PaperJam.

Also, if you like, Follow my Tumblr! (There's nothing posted yet, i'm still trying to figure out the mechanics):

sanstastic111: me!

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Final school exams are more scary than a vampire taking you to his castle!
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BUT I HAVE AN OC NAMED UNKNOWN TOO (But then again, they're different species and that Unknown's full name is Unknown Mystery soo-)
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Been Looking for a good fanfic for a while, thanks for making this!
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What's more scarier then a vampire bringing you to its castle?
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