The Black Carnival

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GUMBiiE By GUMBiiE Updated 4 years ago
The Black Carnival is coming to town
    Lock up your kids regardless the frown
    The ringleader searches, looking for prey
    Will you be next, to play his game?
This was great! I'm thinking of making an evil carnival thing as well! I made one a year or two ago but my writing wasn't really good then, I'm hoping to do better.
                                            That was very good and creepy!
have you watch the movie dark carnival its about these friends set there haunted carnival and it looks so real but its not but when they closed it down the carnival comes to life and starts killing the workers.
Dammit I read it at night :| ... great start btw, it really drew me in :D
OMG!!!this is an amzing horror story!!! you're seriosly takented!! how the hell did you come up with this?!
Really good. Creepy, scary, downright gruesome, but good :) I have a question, though - when did that dude sew that guy's eyes and mouth shut? Was it in the dark, when they were still coming out, or something?
Okay, note to self: NEVER GOING TO A CARNIVAL AGAIN! haha just kidding! But very well written and classically creepy!!! :)