My Best Friend is My Mate?

My Best Friend is My Mate?

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Rosellin By B_Rose143 Updated Aug 01, 2014

His arms ran up and down mine. He gave me a loving and seducing stare. I stared deeply into his blue eyes. He leaned down and brushed his lips on mine. Tingles shot through me. He left me wanting me wanting more. I never had these affects with other men, it surprised me. He threw me suddenly against the wall. He held me up with his hands, because I’m pretty sure that if he didn’t I would have already fell. “Are you ready?” He asked in a husky voice. I looked down and for a answer I gave him a kiss.

Adrianna Jimenez is a very sweet and caring 17 year old pretty girl with black hair and chocolate brown eyes that could easily hypnotize you. She is a normal human like all her friends and family, at least that's what she thinks. She never changed like she was supposed to. She is the daughter of the Alpha of one of the biggest werewolf packs and her 18th birthday is coming up, but the thing is, is that she is going to realize how much fantasy's are real....

Marcus Moore is the star football player and Basketball player. He's sweet, caring, and fierce. To top it off he has looks to kill for. He is also the soon to be Beta of the Starfall pack. His best friend happens to be Adrianna. He hates keeping secretes from her but when Adrianna's  father forbids him and the pack from telling her about their kind, its to keep her safe from the Lamia's. The Lamia's were nothing but cruel vampire hybrids.

They share the same birthday and Marcus feels something wonderful will come out of it, he knows for sure that he will find his mate at Adrianna's and his birthday party. But he's in for a big surprise. Little does he know that his mate will be his best friend. How will he keep his secret, and tension rises with their one and only enemy, the Lamia's. Will he be able to keep her and his soon to be pack safe?

BMTH-is-my-world BMTH-is-my-world Apr 28, 2016
Whishing my school bell went beep beep beep
                              They go HELL HELL HELL
PapiChubi PapiChubi Jul 03, 2016
Wishing my bell went beep beep  beep my bell keeps going on and on and on and kills me eventually
NATSUMEdr NATSUMEdr Apr 18, 2016
I just imagined her tilting her head with a face of curiosity and disgust
PapiChubi PapiChubi Jul 03, 2016
Nicer way: Marcus hahaha let me go....
                              Meaner way: nigga get away before I do something bad
mybooksandme mybooksandme Oct 18, 2016
I used to have the school bell right above my classroom and I wish it went Beep Beep Beep
JinxcyDoll JinxcyDoll Sep 26, 2014
For reals. Maybe its like both their favorite bathroom and they refuse to share it XD