The pickpocket and the billionaire

The pickpocket and the billionaire

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Lamendez By Lamendez Completed

I was supposed to be good at my job. 'Supposed to be' being the key words here. Instead I got caught, and therefor I had to live with the most infuriating man. Unfortunately this man intrigued me to no end, and I wanted to get to know him. The only way I knew how to, was to seduce him. So I did. 

If only I'd known the consequences of letting a man truly fall for you...

Warning! Personally I think this started of well. I liked the idea at the beginning and then I got a little lost and tired. Basically, I don't like at least 2/3 of this story. So don't tell me how crappy it is, because I know. Trust me. There's a lot of mistakes, a bunch of illogic events and an abrupt ending. Read at your own risk and strictly for fun. Don't expect a literary masterpiece. 
I believe my other (current) works (in development) are much better. I just don't have a lot of time to show you.

    - - May 17, 2016
    Oh my
                                  The book i just finished reading is about a guy who cheated on his gf with her favorite cousin...and ohhhh am sorry
                                  Ps:i don't wanna kill your story...don't get me wrong 
                                  But your title alone is 
                                  A lot to get me reading
    smilingbutcyring smilingbutcyring Nov 23, 2014
    Why are there not more people reading this? it's so amazing i cant even type
    Aridia Aridia Oct 14, 2014
    love this.
                                  Sebastian and Paige are too much alike.
                                  but will make a very cute couple.
    sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Oct 06, 2014
    paige is so dramatic that she knew what she was doing. she is an angry person, dramatic, psycho in the head when riled up. well sabastin has riled the beast i  her and she let him have it verbally as he did her.
    sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Oct 06, 2014
    great start off for this story.  i think paige is in this way over her head cause sabastin is the wrong person steal from , i think. he doesn't look like s nice person to get along with any time soon.
    BooksAndButterflies BooksAndButterflies Dec 04, 2013
    I like your writing style. A lot. And it seems to be a good story :)