Hunted Beyond the Milky Way

Hunted Beyond the Milky Way

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TheTripleBang By TheTripleBang Updated Dec 07, 2013

               As she read the note I sent, she did the sweet smile I love. In Spanish class, I'm looking at Claire, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Sounds cliché,  but whatever that's how I feel. Claire has soft curls in her brunette hair down to her elbows.  Her hair and personality so soft and inviting.  Her sweet, yet subtle scent is as beautiful as her smile.  Her complexion soothing like caramel.  

               Well, back to reality.  As she begins to look up my heart begins to race.  

                 "Was today the day of my dreams?" I thought, "Umm.. What should I do? Play it cool!"  I began to choke up.  Her dark brown eyes stared to melt my soul.  My nervous, awkward smile broke into something warm and hopeful.  I began to look closely at her.  Her eyes didn't connect to mine, but went pass it as if I was transparent. I slowly turned to my right and saw him.  Robert, a kid not popular, but good looking. Her eyes were connected to his.  

                  "Shit! ...

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