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Driven By Vengeance (Attack On Titan)

Driven By Vengeance (Attack On Titan)

100K Reads 3.7K Votes 20 Part Story
Just Call Me Elemini (: By JustAnotherSomebody1 Completed

Tayler was a lost cause, she was abandoned at the age of 5 and taken in by a man named Spenser. The day the titans demolished wall Maria was the day Tayler lost her last means of family and realized how weak she really was. Now Tayler uses Spenser's last words as inspiration to fight the wretched beasts who took him away. She becomes powerful, most know her as the "Crimson Hunter", word spreads around and Pixis wants her in the Special Corps, believing that with her skill and vast knowledge of titans she doesn't need further instruction. Skeptical at first, she begins to soften as she makes her very first friends. But once she lets her guard down, there's no going back. After a turn of events, she is sentenced to an inexplicable fate with a twist ending.

Knowing me I'll probably forget his orders and wander around outsdie
Pan_da_reader Pan_da_reader Dec 10, 2016
Calling it, hes a titan shifter or something.. im suspicious...
Oh....god....titans scare me. Which is good since I don't get scared a lot
Wait wait wait, she's five, she knows the perfect prununication and meaning of malnourished
Pan_da_reader Pan_da_reader Dec 10, 2016
Actaully aybe he knew about their attack and is a Survey Crop or whatever its called (havent watched aot in forever e-e)
Pan_da_reader Pan_da_reader Dec 10, 2016
Same..but then again I have a late birthday so I should of been 11.. (even tho it took me like forever to reach 5 ft)