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I'm Back

I'm Back

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Steph22 By Steph22 Completed

Two years ago Charlie was one of those girls that got picked on by everyone, and i mean everyone! Her life was a living hell all because of her brother. 
Charlie ran away after being rejected by her best friend when her friend shifted into a wolf. Yes a wolf. Her friend joined Charlies brothers pack and became one of them. 
Two years on Charlie had settled with a new pack and found her almost twin, his name also Charlie, They were inseparable, they are deadly together bringing the two packs closer as they won every battle they went into. 
But Charlie finds out that her pack agreed to go to help another pack with their Vampire problems. 
There is only one problem. 
She is going back!
She leaves her almost twin to head back to her old home, her old school, and her brothers pack.
The pack had gained a new Alpha, Chase and he is the one person that Charlie would have never expected to be the one!

NadaTW NadaTW May 18
Yeesh.. the brother flirting with the sister? Five letters, one word. GROSS.
Wtf are u biting ure tongue for biatch slap the shat out of him lol 😂
dakhjo dakhjo Oct 28, 2016
I would never leave someone on the ground, I would always help someone up if they fell...
totalgarmaufan184670 totalgarmaufan184670 Aug 03, 2016
Cheese also likes chocolate milk . If you get this reference then I will hug you. 
                              Destiel ftw
Kawaii_Gamer123450 Kawaii_Gamer123450 Sep 24, 2016
...... *clenches fist and starts to walk over to her to beat her up*
badbitch11 badbitch11 Aug 22, 2016
Like wtf do u even know how long a century is jeez thought so jeez at least have a good insult