The Fruit of the Fallen

The Fruit of the Fallen

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J. C. Burnham By jcburnham Updated Jul 17

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Serenity has always known she was different. When she begins hearing strange voices and is attacked by an evil creature, she is forced to consider a frightening possibility. To complicate matters, she finds herself drawn to a mysterious young man with a dark secret. Little does she know that her love for this fallen angel could destroy all she holds dear. In THE FRUIT OF THE FALLEN, their every action, every decision, could decide the fate of the world.

Dr. Jonathan Keats' life is turned upside down when an infant is thrust into his arms by a dying nun. His search to identify the child carries him to Europe and to a secret religious society hiding a prophecy of unimaginable proportions, one that foretells of the coming apocalypse.

The Fruit of the Fallen is a fast paced theological thriller that utilizes mystery and suspense to propel the reader forward. The plotline and subject matter appeals to teens, young adults, and adults with interests in fallen angels, forbidden love, and the apocalypse.

The Fruit of the Fallen integrates both ancient and post-apocalyptic theology into a forbidden love tale complete with the thrill of the chase and spine-tingling chapter ending cliff-hangers. Ancient, evil creatures and circumspect characters constantly threaten the protagonist, who questions her sanity when she has strange dreams and hears voices in her head.

The Fruit of the Fallen utilizes foreshadowing and symbolism to tie the tale together, and even the cover, the large blue butterfly and familiar Fleur di Lis, hints at the prophecy which drives the plot.

  • angels
  • azazeal
  • hellhounds
  • love
  • mystery
  • nephilim
  • prophecy
  • serenity
  • suspense
  • thriller
Kann3399 Kann3399 Jul 03, 2015
this is so not depressing
                              can't you just taste the sarcasm
faru_2001 faru_2001 Jan 22, 2015
Please read my new book! Hopefully you will like it. It is called hushed voices!
GoldFantasy GoldFantasy Dec 26, 2014
The first chapter really hooked me in. Your wording and descriptions are on point. I like the mysteriousness of this random nun giving him a baby to protect. Will be back to read more to see what happens next!!!!
potatolover94 potatolover94 Dec 19, 2014
The detail is amazing. It's like I'm experiencing it all for myself. Great work. I'm already pulled in
neitjienaude neitjienaude Dec 05, 2014
pretty good first chappie, just enough detail for me to keep on reading
DauntlessAlchemist12 DauntlessAlchemist12 Oct 25, 2014
Wow, that is a great introduction! What an amazing way to hook the reader from chapter one!