Chained (ON HOLD)

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Ariana Godoy By cold_lady19 Updated 7 months ago
Never look into his eyes.
    Never let him touch you.
    Never speak to him.
    He will consume your soul.
    He will extinguish your dreams.
    He will turn you into nothing. 
    Do not let him get to you.
    Do not trust him.
    Do not fall for his words and false promises. 
    He is a master of lying and King of persuasion. 
    Who is he? Read and find out.
Sorry @WhenNightComes, I didn't mean that... But I still hate Isis! :3
Why wouldn't she transfer at the first time? And the Forgetten Land sounds like Neverland to me. I bet Augustus Waters wouldn't like to stay there at all :>
I don't like Isis... She reminds me of ISIS with their religious behavior... You shouldn't watch their videos before having an exam... I failed that exam thanks to ISIS
I've been a fan of your works for a long time, thank you for your hard work. I will patiently wait for your next update. Good luck.
@ClearlyCweesta my middle name is Isis so I saw my younger self
I've heard somewhere if a writer gets writers block and reads through their story from the beginning, it could get the writer back on track. When writing, opinions and views change maybe if you read through it, it will unlock some new ideas. I love this story, I'd hate to have to stop reading it <3