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The Muggle in St Mungo's

The Muggle in St Mungo's

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fishforscatterclouds By fishforscatterclouds Updated Jul 03, 2011

This one is for all the Muggles out there. Yes, you reading this description. Hands up if you ever sat down to read a Harry Potter book, and wanted to become a character, wanted to warn Harry, Ron or Hermione about something, or just to meet them with all the reassurance that whatever was going wrong in your world could be exchanged for the intriguing World of Witches craft and Wizards. Here you are. Click on the link. I dare you.

Nerd_Girl44 Nerd_Girl44 Jul 25, 2015
I've always pictured harry's scar as an actual lightning bolt. Instead of just the zig -zag, like multiple forks spreading out from the original. Like REAL lightning. Wouldn't that be cool?
keirsty2001 keirsty2001 Jun 17, 2013
Wow, I read the note, and I already know this story is awesome!
jabuticaba jabuticaba Jan 30, 2011
@jabuticaba Oh, look! I LOV it so much I said it twice! Oh, three times now xD. I also realized I commented alot... Wow... xD :D
jabuticaba jabuticaba Jan 30, 2011
@jabuticaba Oh, and no. I don't "like" this story at all! I LOVE IT! XD!!!! How could I not love it!?!? It's a great idea over all and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!! :D!
fishforscatterclouds fishforscatterclouds Jan 28, 2011
oh your cute:) i cant believe you actually like the story:S i will try and upload soon, my head is swimming with ideas! hey, can you suggest some character names? im stuck, and id love to hear your suggestions.
fishforscatterclouds fishforscatterclouds Jan 20, 2011
hahaha, naw. im touched:) hahaha, im horrible at horror movies, i had that exact moment the other day with a mate: 'NO! HE IS RIGHT THERE YOU IDIOT! AGHHH! haha, thanks again:) nice to hear you are enjoying my story!