The lost twin - (PLL & TW & TMR)

The lost twin - (PLL & TW & TMR)

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~On hold~

What if Stiles had  a twin sister spencer but they both agreed to never tell a soul however of corse Spencer's friends Aria, Emily ,Hanna , Alice and her boyfriend Toby knew. but stiles knew them quite well like they all where part of his family.  his dad didn't know neither his friends because he didn't need his sister to get involved in the supernatural things that was happening in beacon hill and spencer didn't want stiles to get involved with the whole 'A' situation.(stiles knows everything about 'A' and spencer knows about supernaturals.)

Who would think you would find something out that would change your life forever at a  summer camp. 

From the first time spencer and stiles met they knew something was up but not that they were siblings. After a while of snooping around they found a secret which kept leading on to something new.
But when the girls (spencer, Emily,Hanna ,Aria )are tired of what's going on in their home town stiles offers them to stay with him.  stiles always loved solving 'A' cases but he worried about what would happen if they got introduced to the real horrors that lay beneath beacon hill.
But what happens when 'A' follows the girls and eventually the truth comes out but what if there's more to it ?
What if it is to late to turn back 

(•All the girls including stiles have a supernatural power(but they don't know it except stiles )
•Toby and Caleb are stiles good friends 
•Pretty little liars girls and boys are like stile's pack they are all close.
•mike is a werewolf but is know as Theo to Scott's pack 
•A mighty be supernatural
•Allison ,Erica are alive and Boyd is dead ,Issac never leaves ,Lydia and stiles or Malia never happened,but Allison has a  thing for stiles and Isaac
•Mr fitz is not in this story 
•Claudia is a hasting and dies because of her secrets.)

There will be a made up character that stiles like...

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