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Abused,Harry Potter

Abused,Harry Potter

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iluv1dandfood By iluv1dandfood Updated Apr 04, 2015

Charlotte Lilly Black is the unknown daughter of  the mass murderer Sirius Black.
Charlotte doesn't know who her father or mother are and lives with her abusive adoptive father,Mark.
Dumbledore saves her,but does not know he has and brings her to hogwarts but what happens when Sirius Black is on the lose?
And will she have to go back to Mark?

Aphhhhhmau2 Aphhhhhmau2 Aug 05, 2016
Where r u from?
                              I'm just asking cuz in the U.S.A Its weird 
                              We spell it color and favorite
MaiaJohns MaiaJohns Aug 12, 2016
In the UK and Australia, etc. we spell it like colour and favourite, but in the USA it is like color and favorite
iluv1dandfood iluv1dandfood Jan 03, 2014
@1DirectionNoErection sorry i only found this comment now and  when she was in the park clothes magically appeared on her before dumbledore and snape came meaning they did not see the damage.i am sorry if this caused confusion but thanks for commenting
1DirectionNoErection 1DirectionNoErection Jan 03, 2014
what about her being topless with loads of blood covering her people should have noticed by now especially when they found her