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Poems based on random inspirations

Poems based on random inspirations

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Amber By Star_catcher37 Completed

You know how something sometimes inspires you to write something beautiful? Or put words in your head? You can get inspiration from anything.

Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 Oct 14, 2011
@Dipper Thanks! And yes, I get little scenes or emotions from whatever circumstance I'm in or what song I'm listening too or anything I see. I a;ways have these ideas floating around in my head :)
AsTheStarsFall AsTheStarsFall Jul 01, 2011
I feel it all the time, if only i had more time to write down all those poetic words. Every writer should be able to relate to this, i love the content :)
Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 Apr 02, 2011
@fire_n_spice OF COURSE! Awesome people like me, Yana, and quite possibly you are always right! About certain things, at least. like amazing poems :):) But not things like math, unfortunately :( I fail at that
Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 Mar 31, 2011
@misguided_angel Thanks!! I used this as an into so I could prove my point :)
Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 Mar 26, 2011
@GenXblogger Thanks for the comment! I'm glad people like it! :)
Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 Mar 09, 2011
@CalebPaul Thanks a ton for commenting anf FANNING!!! There's a section of my heart reserved for people that comment and fan :) its next to the large space for chocolate :):):):)