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Vampire Slave

Vampire Slave

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ALoveOfWriting By ALoveOfWriting Updated Jan 01

Before I get to the summary I wanted to make an announcement! I am looking for a new cover for this book and if anyone is interested please message me we will talk more about it! And you will get credit for the cover you provide! 

Its in the year 3012 and the vampires have has enough of hiding in the shadows so they took control of 1/3 of the world. But I do know that they are trying to get the whole world but the humans still fight to keep what they have. But for the unlucky ones that have been raided and are under the control of the vampire king he's the one who made all the things around me happen losing all my siblings. All my sibling were sold off. I  HATE the king... but there is no such talk. Oh I almost forgot the best part well when a girl turns 16 she is going to be sold and bought by a vampire no human is allowed to buy a slave, that's forbidden. So no matter what you WILL be sold to a vampire. Then when the men turn 13 they are either slaves or solders.  They have these actions every year twice a year so it's a big thing everyone goes even when you know you're not buying. And I'm being sold to the 2nd one of this year and the last........till next year. Everyone has been talking that the price of all vampires is going to get a new slave this year. Which hasn't happened in centuries, I've heard so everyone is pretty amped up. All the girls say he's dreaming but then also he's treats his saves like nothing. But things can change in a few century's.

Kittycat1214 Kittycat1214 Apr 13, 2016
Who would be thinking about how beautiful the shoes and makeup are when they are being sold as a vampire slave! Or any slave for that matter!?
- - Feb 28, 2016
Um that's literally word for word what I said when my big brother had to wake me up and couldn't so he grabbed my feet a dragged me out of bed
Hate is a very strong word...... But I guess that's why u used it 😂
RaeleanH RaeleanH Jul 21, 2015
I don't like cowardly traitor freak Roy one word.... Bastard ! But I love your story excellent !!!!