Cactus Wren

Cactus Wren

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Sharon Abernathy By sharon4bern4thy Completed

Rebbie Edwards has been with the Academy branch in Tucson, AZ for four years and in those four years she still hasn't found a permanent 'bird' team, a family, to call her own. 

After yet another incident with her temporary team she's given an assignment, working with a 'dog' team, while the Academy tries to find one last group of 'birds' that is willing to give her a chance. If she can't find a team here, she may have to move and try another city, but there are some things in Tucson that she just can't leave behind.


This story is inspired by the Academy universe created by C.L. Stone: The Academy Series (Ghost Bird or Scarab Beetle.)

To read the true works of C.L. Stone please search your local bookstore, ebook retailer or visit her website 


Many locations in this story are true while others may be fictional for the sake of the story line. 
This story is marked as mature for language and adult situations.

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5sosfantrash 5sosfantrash May 25, 2017
That's an interesting name...*tries out 100 ways to pronounce it then realizes I'm just spouting out non-existent words*
anon2404 anon2404 Dec 20, 2016
Mm.  I wonder if she heard the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because she sure doesn't sound friendly.  Great start, I'm looking forward to this.
SiddyKnowsBest SiddyKnowsBest Dec 19, 2016
Great start! I'm really looking forward to more 👏❤️😊
strawberryM1KO strawberryM1KO Dec 19, 2016
JalizaBurwell JalizaBurwell Dec 19, 2016
This was awesome!! Thank you for taking the leap and I can't wait to read more!!
DeedsReads DeedsReads Dec 20, 2016
I liked it!!! Love that she's strong and stands up for herself without being a biotch