Written In the Stars | s.b |

Written In the Stars | s.b |

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Andrea Julia By andreaxjulia Updated Oct 14

Once there was a young and passionate girl by the name of Ariah. She lived in a poor environment, doing everything in her power to help out her family. On the other side was a boy, Sirius who was part of a high wealthy family. Sirius was arrogant and blind to the outside world. 

The two were an unlikely pair.

On a rather stormy evening, Sirius had gotten in a fight with his family and made his way for town where he ran into a beautiful young girl who was trying to bargain for a roll of bread. Seeing the need to help her, Sirius bought the bread for the girl who introduced herself as Ariah.

When the two locked eyes, it was as if the World spoke to them. It was love at first sight and they called for an immediate marriage.

When Sirius' parents heard of the marriage, they were outraged. Their son would not marry a simple peasant. They called off the wedding and when the two decided to go behind their parents back, things turned for the worst. 

In a blind outrage, Sirius' mother killed Ariah, claiming that her son would not disgrace the family name. 

Distraught and heart broken, Sirius held onto Ariah as she lay dying, praying for a miracle.

And a miracle he received as a witch approached. She promised him a life with the girl as stars, saying that the two made each other brighter and therefore could light up the whole sky with their love. 

Sirius agreed, giving up everything he had to be with the girl he loved whole heartedly and the two spent all eternity together, burning bright in each other's presence. 

{First of a series I plan on making}