Follow The Beat (Yoonkook)

Follow The Beat (Yoonkook)

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zieeziana By zieeziana Updated Aug 19

Jungkook the shy and kind boy back to his old place from L.A to seoul because of his mother have new job that make him excited but still feel bit nervous because he have to meet new people,new place,new school and the most thing he want new friends even he didnt have friends at his old school that make him sad. Jungkook scare that he dont have friends and sometimes he feel insecure about himself because he think that he's not good enought that make him dont have friends.

"Hi m-my name j-jeon j-jungkook,you can call me kookie for short and hope you guys can take care of me" he smiled nervously.

"Jungkook huh?" The boy smirk still stare at the beautiful angel that stand nervously "interesting,better tell the boys.." the boy said while he take out his phone and take picture of jungkook, send it to his best friends then he put it back in his pocket.
"This boy really cute"the boy said still stare and smirk at jungkook.

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DJAzure715 DJAzure715 Sep 02
This is my favorite story ever!!!!! You got all chapter votes from me dear author! !! Keep it on😄
Dita-san Dita-san Aug 31
"take a deap breathe"
                              family: No
                              classmates: NO
                              BF bitches: NO please god help
                              Me: INCEEEEEEEEEST