Four Elements

Four Elements

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One word, four letters, one syllable could have so much meaning. But what is fate really?

Is it just a word people throw around to give them something to believe in? Or does it have a true inner meaning behind it?

For Chloe, it was a step closer to finding the truth. 

After a dispute in her home, she finds herself living in the big city of New York. Work is scarce and items are expensive. Finding a decent place to stay is hard work, if you don't have the money.

With Chloe's occasional photography jobs, life was relatively normal... until a big fair comes to her city. 

After one night, Chloe's world turns upside down. Things she only thought existed in books make her question the life she has been living. They make her realize the true meaning of fate.

For fate is what brought Chloe into the light.

I feel bad for Chloe. Because they seem like they'd just be great friends to her but then they took her business card and walked off. Like open your eyes people, she will be a great friend for you.
kb1381 kb1381 Mar 05
TRAVISSSSSSSSS (from aphmau) huehuehue
                              NO LOOKING AT THE BUTTS KATELYNS IS THE ONLY ONE FOr YOU huehuehue
Artaith Artaith May 16, 2015
I see where this is going... Chloe and Natalie, I like their names but Alec is defo the best! xoxo