Purpose | Verkwan

Purpose | Verkwan

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The Names, J. By hoshiyoshimochi Completed

"Purpose a noun. The reason which something is done or created which something exists.

Synonyms: Motive, motivation, cause."

"...You give me purpose."


I made a Verkwan story now! Why am I doing this to myself? Anyways Enjoy! 

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-sonali -sonali Sep 16, 2017
My mind just went to Percy Jackson immediately and I was like wait what's going on and then I realized that this is from Handol's p.o.v
HYUNGWONSwonton HYUNGWONSwonton Nov 22, 2017
bebe he is wanted all around the world by me and you and all theother gurlies
wonuwhy wonuwhy Dec 27, 2017
bernon oppar sarunghayu1!1!!!1 💕💕💕💞💕💞💕💞💕👌
MichaelxRyan MichaelxRyan Nov 14, 2017
No, they think you're hot so shut up 😔love you though 😘
daddycoups daddycoups Dec 28, 2017
i was gon make a harry potter joke but didnt want people to misunderstand
MichaelxRyan MichaelxRyan Nov 14, 2017
Something tells me that his parents aren't the nicest people on earth? 😕