My Beautiful Princess

My Beautiful Princess

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♡Baby natsu???♡ By allybear10 Updated Jun 29, 2017

The story of a prince who falls in love with the one and only 'Natsu Dragneel' the beautiful young boy who works at a café

Natsu is a young boy who works at a café,he has the most amazing feminine curves,beautiful long rosette hair that's usually up in a high pony tail and amazing hazel eyes that make him look like an angel.

What happens when one of the prince's of fiore who just happens to be 'Gray Fullbuster' is looking for the one and only 'Natsu Dragneel' who he just happens to fall in love with once he sees him through his magical mirror?

Once he finds him he will go by any means to make him his property.

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adamstephi adamstephi Mar 22, 2017
That's short?  Me, I'm just sitting here at 4'11' and I'm 14! Like tf?
SkyGamerGirlRS SkyGamerGirlRS Mar 25, 2017
My 25 year old sister is 5 ft. tall. I'm 13 and I'm 5 ft. 4 in. tall.
allybear10 allybear10 Mar 22, 2017
lol my sister is 15 and she's the same height so I got inspired by her 😂😂😂
thiskitten thiskitten Jan 01, 2017
It is not good.... it's perfect I couldn't find anything I was looking for then bam! This book got slapped into my face and I put it to my reading list!😁
ImNotViktor ImNotViktor Oct 06
Ask what Natsu thinks first!! Although I think he may fall for Gray as soon as he sees him. But yeah! Let Natsu have a day in this!!
ImNotViktor ImNotViktor Oct 06
That's how I write my stories, well most of them, okay All of them.