A Jock's Tale (BoyxBoy)

A Jock's Tale (BoyxBoy)

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Love is not a thing that can just drop in anyone's lap (or maybe it can). Sometimes you have to fight for it, because this is reality, not a fairy tale. Just ask Jake Sampson when he moves from the upper Midwest to Northern California to spend his senior year. It doesn't take long to spread his wings in his new home. 

Then lets look at Danny Skye, his roots have been there his whole life. Everybody accepts Danny Skye and why not? He's good looking, smart, and an all round great guy. 

Of course this is no fairy tale.

My first thought is why not ship yourself then I was like wait its american never mind
Guys, they mean two hour time difference as in when it is 3:00 PM in his old town it will be 5:00 or 1:00 PM in his new town.  He  could have moved pretty far away for it to be two hours time difference, not two hours away.
I swear my eyes look black but I know it's impossible. Although, if I look hard enough I could see that it's brown
It's Called squad not a gang old people get it also my squad is very Derpy that is why they are my squad
MisSolstice MisSolstice Apr 04
This book... When I'm reading it again it feels like it's making me regret leaving my home... But then again my family lives here...
lizsea lizsea Jun 19
That's totally not weird at all. My sister has dark brown hair with green eyes!