You call this fate?

You call this fate?

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'You call this fate' has won: 

1st place in BLUE ROSE AWARDS 2017 (Action)

1st place in THE PURPLE APPLE AWARDS 2017 (General fiction)

The One and Only Award in the RARITY AWARDS  (General fiction)

3rd place in THE PUPPET AWARDS 2017 (that was when my genre was mystery/thriller. I believe general fiction fits my story better)

Zara Mahal, a girl adrift from her motherland, a virtual exile amongst strangers, was no dreamer. She saw the ugliness in the world with clear eyes, heard it's screams and cries with open ears. She knew, and yet she dared to imagine a new life...but when is it that the past leaves you behind? When is it that the hungry demons from yesterday bid you adieu with a fare-thee-well? It doesn't happen, not today, not here, and most certainly not with her.

She's being chased, by the demons within and the demons without...and she sees no way through.

Yet...her snarky, rude, more-amicable-dead-than-alive boss seems to know something. Something he won't tell her about. Something that threatens to rock her world and throw her to the ground till her bones break and her head splits.

No, I tell you...Zara Mahal knows the tears behind a happy life. But when her friend gets killed, and she's thrown into a whirlpool of shadowed faces and pulsing darkness, only Alexander Rodwell seems to know how to pull her out.

The problem?

He's the one pushing her in.

P.S. the amazing cover is made by @mebekamil... go ahead and check out the rest of her works!

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