Look Who's Back (Sequel to Saw You From The Window)

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This is a Cody Simpson love story!!! 
    -Sorry! I still suck at discriptions!-
    Kaylynn and Cody are back. . . Well Kaylynn's in Texas and Cody's the new 'Justin Bieber' in LA. It's been a year since Kaylynn left and now, she's heading back for her dad's job. After Cody has to move to a more private house, because of crazy fans, sharing property with another house. . . find out who moves there in 'Look Who's Back'
Haha, like that'll ever happen ;/ hey! I'm a simpsonizer/ angel but I still face the truth!!!
OMG ahhhh i ant wait till I move back to Cali, now this was amazing, I'm screaming my head off
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im soooo excited and i havent even started reading it yet!!!!!!!!!
Wow. Knew that was going to happen! How long was she Texas? Not very long, huh? Oh, now they have a private lot to themselves. They are still made for EACHOTHER!
Ooooo.... I bet they are moving closer to Kaley. Wouldn't be surprised. :D he really does still love her.