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The makeover

The makeover

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Candy_obsessed7 By Candy_obsessed7 Completed

"You know you still want me." he said cockily.  "As if!" I yelled at him.   "I must say, I like the new look." he all but smirked.  ************************** Alex was the shy, quiet nerd that nobody talked to. Although, she was shy at school she was quit loud, crazy , and pretty sarcastic. She just thought that nobody at school was worth her time.  Damien was your typical cocky jock. He had the girls, the 'followers', and he was the captain of the soccer team.   Now, you're probably wondering how they both fit in to the story. Well, they used to date. It just didn't end well. So, Alex now hates Damien. For the reason that he stole her heart and that he is, as she put it, "an egotistical asshole".  ============================= Ok. So this is my first story I don't know how it will turn out. So, please comment and tell me how you think it's going. Oh and mild language.

So me, and is it just me but do most stories start with BEEPing or RINGing
bananaanaaaa bananaanaaaa Oct 29, 2016
The chapter is kinda short and there s a lot of unnecessary exclamations.
                              The chapter was pretty good and I cant wait to read more!
i_love_bubbles_21 i_love_bubbles_21 Jul 04, 2015
first of all Africa is a continent so where in Africa
                              secondly on 2 countries have Ebola out of like 25 or something
                              thirdly there is water, food, shelter and WiFi here so stop acting like the only thing here is land, monkeys and black people
pardinasjennifer pardinasjennifer Oct 12, 2014
I'm not sure if that exclamation point was a good or bad one....
cactai cactai Jun 09, 2014
Sounds like the great start to a story! Cant wait to read the rest!
werewolf6758 werewolf6758 Nov 13, 2013
Hi Cousin! Hi hi nice story by the way
                              Ding ding ding ding-ga-ding-ga-ding