Solangelo neko/royalty AU

Solangelo neko/royalty AU

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Sunny By The_sunniest_angels Updated Jul 21, 2017

First let me explain the Kingdom of the Sun.

The richest, most popular people are royalty. 

Then people who own land.

Then people who do not.

Then theives 

And at the bottom are nekos. Nekos are cat/humans, In case you didn't know. They are used as servants for he rich. They have specific rules to follow and aren't treated well. 

Okay, got that? Good. 
Let's move on. 

Will Solace is prince, about to become king, of the kingdom of the sun. He has been having more and more fights with his father lately and finally just decides to run away. 

But before he goes, he sets the palace nekos free. 

But one catches his eye. 
Nico Di Angelo is a neko. His sister was killed by the king and he was taken from his family at a very young age to work as a servant at the castle.

Will takes Nico with him when he runs from he castle. 

But what happens when the king finds them?


Okay so this is going to have self-hate but nothing else. 

Also, I'm not Rick; I don't own the characters.