Pain and Passion

Pain and Passion

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Riku E. Rouse By BrightNeko Updated Jul 13, 2015

 Slyder sat in his dressing room, glancing at random things on his phone. His manager came in, saying he was on in five minutes. Slyder nodded, putting his phone on the dressing table and heading out. He sighed, standing behind the velvet curtain.

'Alright Slyder... Lets do this....' He heard then call his name and he strode out. The bright strobe lights shined on him and he heard the cheers of the men. Swaggering up to the pole, he grabbed his and twirled around it. 

 "Whoo!" "Yea shake it sexy!" "Give us more!" Slyder mentally groaned in disgust but gave the men a sly smile. He fingered the thin, black thong he had on. He slipped it down slightly, exposing his bare ass. The shouts got louder as the men went crazy. 

 Slyder wrapped his leg around the pole, licking his fingers and running it down his body. Then he blinked, noticing a gut staring at him. Okay, well there was a lot of guys staring but this guy was staring straight into his eyes. Shrugging it aside, he finished his dan...

artemis92003 artemis92003 Jun 13, 2017
You know how the s is near the d on the keyboard...? This could have easily turned into an amazing and probably true spelling error.
Inuyasha7172003 Inuyasha7172003 Jun 24, 2016
If something like this happened to me, I'd be like "Nah, I don't think so" an I'd push his arms off me
MiyatheGeekster MiyatheGeekster Aug 18, 2015
You don't screw with people in animes  that have green hair!!!!! YOU JUST DON'T!!!!
xTheDarkWolfx xTheDarkWolfx Jul 25, 2015
I'm so sorry but I love this spelling error XD
                              "noticing a GUT staring at him" yeah, I'd notice that to XD
book_binder book_binder Jun 11, 2015
I have a feelin it's not the only thing he's gonna be doing.
YaoiBirdRay YaoiBirdRay Apr 05, 2015
I would also like the dance with no pants * tries to seductively wiggle eyebrows*