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Nelo By DarkAngel11 Updated Dec 21, 2011

Hayley Tanner is a tough girl. She learned Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and Kickbooxing. She plays softball and has a great boyfriend named Jake. Her life seems great until she runs in Caden.

Caden is a fallen angel that fell for good reasons. To stop Egan from taking over the human race. But Egan is extremely manipulative, going to end's meet to get Caden and the other fallen to join him. He's close to doing agreeing to it, until he meets Hayley. He slowly falls for her, feeling feelings he never thought was possible. Only for humans.

Can Caden save the world before Egan dominates it? Could Hayley save Caden from giving into the darkness?

katerinna46 katerinna46 Sep 29, 2014
I love your choices for the cast! I totally agree, and if this book was ever made into a movie (which it should) I would see it opening night:) keep up the good work
ChaosC ChaosC Sep 28, 2014
This is amazing! I really hope you do some kind of flash back, I would really like to know what caused Egan to go all nutso toward humans. I'm also really curious in these characters of yours, prequel please!
kickingtree kickingtree Aug 23, 2012
Astonashing. I don't know how you did it but you have taken martial arts to a new level. Check out my book it will...Welll don't want to spoil it for you.
DarkAngel11 DarkAngel11 Jun 23, 2011
@SexySheWolf Bahahahaha thanks :) And he is hot, isn't he? xD