The Seven Keys Of Woodruff Manor

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Mathew Parkes By MathewParkes Updated 4 years ago
the year is 1927, the world recover's from its war torn scars. rushmoor is being sculped and sound becomes possible in film. britain enjoys peace time.. but for one village in the rural country side a sinister evil is taking root. The only man who can possibly solve the case is the myserious keith wheeler. with a past obscured with death, theft and capture. is the man who left to fight the war the man who returned?.
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@MathewParkes Yea it's up in the right place :D I'm sure you will get more reads soon
@MathewParkes you’re welcome :D and don’t worry, you’ll get more readers, it just takes a while :)
Oh man, that was pretty awesome O_o You have a great way of describing things, I could picture everything that was happening :p keep writing, this is really good!