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My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

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Lee By Lee_Marie24 Completed

I unwrapped the scarf from my neck and threw it to the rock. I took one more step to the rocks edge and saw below. Not that far of a drop. But it didn't matter how far of a drop it would be, my point would still be made. 

I wrapped my hand around Daniel's ring that hung from a chain around my neck. The breeze blew, sweeping all my hair behind my shoulders and I took in the scent of mint.

"Save me, Daniel." I whispered before I stepped off the edge of the cliff.


One night. A night that Eden Hastings can't remember has flipped her world upside down. A night that has left her injured, and led people to believe she tried to commit suicide. All her life she has known she wasn't normal. The Dark Figures that haunted her at night told her that much. But what happens when following a strange string of events in the sleepy town of Calvin that a dark and myterious guy moves into town? And when this certain guy takes a strange interest in Eden, she can't help but feel all these events are connected.

Trying to figure out what happened, Eden slowly finds herself befriending this strange guy named Daniel and letting him in. Meanwhile, trying to put her life back in order. But what happens when she finds that nothing is as it seems and the night missing from her memory is the least of her worries? 

Follow Eden in her journey of self-discovery and sacrifice. She learns she has the ability to love against all odds and hate against even bigger ones. Little does Eden know that she is not only fighting for her love, but for her life when she realizes that her whole life has been a lie.

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ofbandsandbooks_ ofbandsandbooks_ Jul 05, 2016
y'all are talking about "Amy" in the picture but all I have is a gray picture of the word "Wattpad"
awilliamson20 awilliamson20 Apr 15, 2016
OMG, this is so great so far!!! Keep up the good work. I wish I were this great of a writer.
watercolourraven watercolourraven Feb 02, 2016
But other than that I have the EXACT situation every week at least, with some suicidal girls I know
Aminilaina Aminilaina Jul 07, 2016
The thing about it is that all of those things are inherently human. It was the human concept of good and bad that decided what was right and wrong. Nature doesn't have a moral compass. Nature doesn't care. Humanity made up morality.
Lunar_Dj Lunar_Dj Feb 15, 2016
Beuh he in the girls bathroom wtf
                              Has anyone else noticed this?