Ridiculous (Draco x Reader)

Ridiculous (Draco x Reader)

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❤️EzraFanGirl❤️ By DracoMalfoy112 Updated Apr 27, 2017

"My love for you is just so ridiculous" 
"S-Shut up-"
"I mean it, Y/n..i really do love you."

Love can be ridiculous sometimes, how you fall madly in love with someone..its just ridiculous. Can childhood best friends blossom into love? Or will they just stay as friends.

(I may add the Weasly twins into this)

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ugly_bish ugly_bish Jan 04
The front of that looks a little like the school in descendants
QueenRose20 QueenRose20 Oct 24, 2017
When I read the summary, I had to go sing the song a couple times
ThePizzaLiyah ThePizzaLiyah Aug 23, 2017
Aaliyah (Slytherin Queen💁🏽)
                              Deep Chocolate brown (I think..)
                              Almost belly button long and a curly mess
                              Boring brown with black around the edge
                              Red and green
                              Just chocolate ;P
bunny197_ bunny197_ 4 days ago
Jiwon Han
                              Dark brown
                              Long til shoulder
                              Dark brown
                              Blue, Red, pink, white, gold, black
                              Chocolate, ice cream, and biscuit
ThePizzaLiyah ThePizzaLiyah Aug 23, 2017
I need that room.
                              But I like it more in black and red.
                              Mostly red.
Agaffane Agaffane Dec 18, 2017
To much blue, I rather have it all green, I too many GOD D**N WINDOWS.