Ridiculous (Draco x Reader)

Ridiculous (Draco x Reader)

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❤️EzraFanGirl❤️ By DracoMalfoy112 Updated Apr 27, 2017

"My love for you is just so ridiculous" 
"S-Shut up-"
"I mean it, Y/n..i really do love you."

Love can be ridiculous sometimes, how you fall madly in love with someone..its just ridiculous. Can childhood best friends blossom into love? Or will they just stay as friends.

(I may add the Weasly twins into this)

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Blue is my fave color, which is funny because my brother is Ravenclaw, and his whole room is blue. When he's off to colege, Im stealing it
FangBlood5 FangBlood5 Oct 22
Azaida Aphrodite Flameclaw
                              Red (streaks of black and grey on certain occasions)
                              (heterochima, Correct me if I spelt it wrong) Red on Left, Cyan on right.
Czarina Ivanov
                              Straight raven black
                              Blue gray
                              Green and blue
                              Macaroons, snickerdoodle cookies, etc.
Alley Green 
                              Dark brown
                              Mid length
                              Greenish brown
                              Green and yellow
                              Chocolate with those peppy mints that melt in your mouth
Teresaw2004 Teresaw2004 Nov 15
See im rich i have 3 rooms a glitter room a black room and a sliver and teal/sea green room
Just change the colors to green, dark blue, and black and we are set