My bestfriend's kiss (WattyAwards 2013)

My bestfriend's kiss (WattyAwards 2013)

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There is about a billion people out there in the world and only one person is made for you, your soul mate. I never believed in soul mates or True Love but years later I just found out that my soul mate was standing right before my very eyes in my entire life. Being there for me, helping me every time when I am down and even being my shoulder to cry on.

My best friend. 

but I realized it when it was too late. Now he is getting married. And I am being the maid-of-honor.

Could I kiss my sweet soul mate goodbye and live a life of regret to save our friendship?

or fight for that guy who was made for me and risk whether he felt the same or not?

My bestfriend's kiss.

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DonnaPoe DonnaPoe Sep 29, 2017
That would be hard to watch the person you love marry someone else
loveforlovessake loveforlovessake Dec 18, 2017
It's like my best friends wedding 😍 ugh I love that movie
Why are some women like this, its so embaressing and low of them. I guess what my elders used to say is true: "No woman can be happy when she sees another woman happy"
nybabii128 nybabii128 Oct 02, 2017
If my bsf put me through this imma die ion like him like that but still 8 years!?!
Marie100287 Marie100287 3 days ago
Memories of being young ..sometimes you will really feel something special to someone close to you when  he finds his own girl to be with..
bintysohot1 bintysohot1 Feb 12, 2017
He probadly dosent even liked the rich girl that much so go ahead